Health & Safety in Construction Training Course

On Thursday 23rd July 2015,  we are running a Health and Safety in Construction course. The training’s objective is to make you be able to identify hazards and control risks and explain how to plan, organise, control, monitor and review health and safety throughout the life of a project.

It is aimed at everybody involved in construction work, including clients, designers, contractors and individual workers.

This course is really worth your while if you are planning on being in this industry long term because by gaining the H&S in construction it enables individuals to apply for a 5 year CSCS card rather than a 6 month card. This course as well as all our other courses on offer at Jobchange is open to anyone 18+ and is completely free of charge.


What job can I do with a CSCS card?                    

Anything in construction from Site Worker to Office Clerk

Drivers who deliver to building sites – EG: Carvers



Landscape Gardeners                                                                  iojklok

Council Street Cleaners

Factory Workers

Foundry Workers

Warehouse Workers

Painters & Decorators

NVQ assessors of any of the above 

CSCS Cards are very useful to have under your belt and are high in demand so if you want to book yourself onto this course or know someone who may be interested please get in touch with us as soon as possible.


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