3 really bad CV Mistakes


CV Advice

Mistakes happen to everyone, no matter if you are a History Professor, Beauty Technician, Graphic Designer or Bricklayer. We all do mistakes as they are a natural part learning. It was Samuel Smiles who said first “He who never made a mistake, never made a discovery”. There is an interesting truth behind Mr. Smiles’ quote, that is why our Secret CV Improvement Team at Jobchange decided to give you a bit of a shortcut to the before mentioned  discovery and present you with… the most common CV mistakes!

CV Advice

Spelling Errors

Spelling errors on a CV are like strawberries served with potatoes. Like wearing trainers with a suit.  Absolute faux pax. Completely  unacceptable. Once noticed by the employer, CV with spelling erros goes straight to the shredder. Word spellcheck is a good idea but never underestimate the power of human mind. Have a look through, read your CV more than once and ideally, ask a trusted friend to do a bit of good ol’ fashioned proofreading. That would help you avoid such classy errors like:

* Career break in 1999 to renovate my horse
*  Enjoy cooking Chinese and Italians
* Speak English and Spinach

CV Advice

More than 2 pages

Mistake done by those with a lot of experience but also quite often by graduates! Most of the time rich experience is going to work in your favour. A few words of advice: mention your most recent employment, for your old experiences create a separate section. We call it Career Summary, and that’s the place where all your old experience should go (don’t mistake it with “Work Experience” Section where you add your most recent roles.) And if you think that something on your CV is not necessarily relevant to the role you’re applying for, consider not adding it to your CV. Employers are busy, they have time only to skim through your application, if they won’t catch the most important key words and responsibilities within the first few glances, then …. That’s right: shredder.

CV Advice

Not making use of Interests section

Ok, the aim of this section is to reveal a little bit about yourself. It’s good to be original. Unfortunately, some try to be… too original. Put yourself in employers shoes for a second. Imagine that you’re going through CVs and you quite like the content and then you reach the Interests section where you see…

* Gossiping
* Mushroom hunting
* Marital Arts (Possibly meant martial arts)
* Space Travel

What we suggest is to mention 4 hobbies, each relating to different spheres of your life. We divide them into 4 categories:
Individual – hobbies which you enjoy on your own, showing that you easily engage in activities on your own initiative
Social – the ones that shows you are a good player
Intellectual – to show the employer how clever you are
Active – to show that you are a healthy individual leading a healthy lifestyle

These are the most common CV mistakes. We hope you will find it a useful lesson but if you want to know more… don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll write a CV for you for free!

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