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With the first week of June we being a new series of articles on our fantastic blog. Job Seeker’s Weekly Essential is going to be your guide, your manual, your new path to employment. We are going to include the most important info from the job market, free courses available at Jobchange and other training providers and information about the most exciting opportunities from our area. Let’s not postpone it, check out our first issue!


Bierkeller Bar To Create 60 Jobs

Bierkeller is going to replace Branningans bar and is set to open on Broad Street in Birmingham. If you don’t want to miss an opportunity of getting a job at the bar, keep an eye on Bierkeller’s career’s section of their website. Here’s the link:

Read full story at Birmingham Mail:

60 New Jobs At The Black Country Living Museum 

As a result of the expansion which aim is to increase the size of the Museum by a third, over 60 new vacancies are planned to be created. The vacancies have not been advertised yet but you will find them on the Black Country Living Museum career page (Access it here) or on the most popular job searching pages.

Read the full story at BBC website:

New Cocktail Bar In Wolverhampton To Create 20 Jobs 

The Bohemian, which is going to replace the Irish Mbassy and the Quadrand pubs is set to create about 20 new jobs. Job seekers with skills to mix cocktail but also trainees will be in demand for the new pub owners. To apply send your CV to And don’t forget to check out their Facebook fanpage:

Read the full story here:

600 jobs available at newly created Riverside Centre in Staffordshire 

Recruitment has already begun for a newly established shopping centre in Stafford. 600 vacancies are available now in the retail shops, cinema and restaurants. You can use this link to apply for the vacancies:

Full story available at:

New multi-million pound hotel will create up to 100 new jobs in Telford

New 100 bedroomed hotel is set to create approximately 100 new jobs. The vacancies have not been advertised yet.

Read the full story here:

300 job to be created by JLR supplier in Telford

Jaguar Land Rover’s continued growth is set to create almost 300 jobs for the local area. Magna International, which is the JLR supplier creating is set to start production in 2018.

You can find more info at:

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Wolverhampton Learning Platform wins new funding!

Wolverhampton Learning Platform

After weeks of waiting we have finally received the news. And boy, it is a big news. Wolverhampton Learning Platform has just been awarded a funding from the Skills & Opportunities Fund!

We feel extremely proud as an organisation selected by the public from over 2,400 applications! Only 8 organisations have been selected from the West Midlands region and only 1…. from Wolverhampton. We would like to use this space to thank every member of the public who appreciated the support provided by Jobchange and other organisations which form the Wolverhampton Learning Platform. Without your votes it would not be possible.

So now you probably wonder, what will the funding be spent on?

Through support from the fund we’ll run our project WISER (Women into Supported Employment Routes)which will provide employability and enterprise training for women who are lone parents, disabled or long term unemployed.

Our project aims to improve the lives of 100 women from excluded or disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them gain new employability skills and supporting their route to securing work or becoming self-employed. Project activities include 1:1 mentoring sessions, a range of workshops and a sector specific Level 2 accredited training course covering first aid, food hygiene and health and safety.

The skills and confidence gained from participating in this project will help the women taking part to realise their potential and improve their employment prospects. Our aim throughout is to improve opportunities in the labour market, improve financial health, increase skills, reduce social isolation and reduce benefit dependency resulting in improved health and wellbeing.

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Our support makes a difference!


CV Support Wolverhampton


Today we have been visited by one of our happy clients. Stephen Harris came to tell us that thanks to the CV prepared by Rayon he has just managed to secure a Grinder job. Well done Rayon and well done Stephen!
We cannot wait for more stories like this, therefore, if you found a job and you think that our CV or our Advice helped you achieve that, contact us now! Let’s spread the word about the amazing support available at Jobchange free of charge!


Jobchange takes part in #RaceforLife

IMG_3113 IMG_1028 IMG_1026 IMG_1025 Race for Life


On the 8th of June ladies at Jobchange are taking part in the Race of Life to raise awareness and to raise money for research into all 200 types of cancer.

Want to help? You can donate in the charity box placed in our Wolverhampton reception!


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101 Career Tips You Can Learn in 3 Seconds

Career Advice Wolverhampton

We have just came across a fantastic article with 101 Career Tips and we could not resist to share it with you. If you implement all 101 suggestions into practice, you will realise how easy and pleasant career development can actually be!

We are presenting you with the first 5 – find the rest of the tips by following the link at the end of the article!

1. A first impression is made in less than 30 seconds.

2. Want to boost your charisma? Focus on energy and optimism.

3. “You’re always an employee, you’re always representing your company, and you’re always representing yourself.”

4. Rule #1 for dealing with bad bosses: It’s okay to question authority.

5. No matter where your stress is coming from, it’s not doing you any good—until you learn how to address it.

Check out all of these super useful tips and techniques!


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Vote for Wolverhampton Learning Platform!

Wolverhampton Learning Platform


Jobchange as a part of Wolverhampton Learning Platform is taking place in a competition organised by the Skills and Opportunities Fund. Its aim is to provide the organisation with the biggest number of votes with super important funding which then can be used to deliver new services and provide better service.

There are two important factors of the voting:

#1 Wolverhampton Learning Platform is the only organisation representing Wolverhampton area.

#2 The funding is completely dependent on public voting. It means that it is YOU who will decide where the funding goes!

If you want to enrich Wolverhampton area with new opportunities and new interesting services helping you find a great job, click on the link below, look for Wolverhampton Learning Platform and cast your vote! It will take less than 2 minutes!

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Residents’ Week 2016

Residents Week Wolverhampton

With massive enthusiasm we are introducing this year’s Resident’s Week. It takes place between Monday the 14th and Friday the 18th of March and aims to provide “opportunities for local people to compete for jobs, enhance their skills, become self-employed and improve their health and fitness”. 

The event we would like to emphasize the most takes place at the Molineux Stadium on the 4th day of the Resident’s Week and is targeting everyone interested in self-employment or apprenticeships. As stated on City of Wolverhampton website:

In the morning (10 am – 1.30 pm) you can talk to people who are self-employed and find out about self-employment opportunities with a ready-made customer list and get wider advice.

In the afternoon (2 pm – 7 pm) you can talk to people who are offering apprenticeships and get wider advice.

When:  Thursday 17th March 2016
Where: Molineux Stadium (Hayward Suite), Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton WV1 4QR
Time:    10 am – 7 pm

For a full list of events, please access the link below:


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We are slowly reaching the middle of the National Careers Week and you may have probably noticed increased traffic on our social media channels. For all of you awaiting our daily posts about the #Careersofthefuture, we prepared a little surprise as today we are publishing all the graphics prepared by UKCES concerning the most interesting career choices. Have a look below, they are all there!

#Careersofthefuture Electricians Farmers IT_Business_Analysts Mechanical_Engineers Police_Officers Programmer__Software_Development_Professionals Sales_Account_Managers__Business_Development_Managers

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3 really bad CV Mistakes


CV Advice

Mistakes happen to everyone, no matter if you are a History Professor, Beauty Technician, Graphic Designer or Bricklayer. We all do mistakes as they are a natural part learning. It was Samuel Smiles who said first “He who never made a mistake, never made a discovery”. There is an interesting truth behind Mr. Smiles’ quote, that is why our Secret CV Improvement Team at Jobchange decided to give you a bit of a shortcut to the before mentioned  discovery and present you with… the most common CV mistakes!

CV Advice

Spelling Errors

Spelling errors on a CV are like strawberries served with potatoes. Like wearing trainers with a suit.  Absolute faux pax. Completely  unacceptable. Once noticed by the employer, CV with spelling erros goes straight to the shredder. Word spellcheck is a good idea but never underestimate the power of human mind. Have a look through, read your CV more than once and ideally, ask a trusted friend to do a bit of good ol’ fashioned proofreading. That would help you avoid such classy errors like:

* Career break in 1999 to renovate my horse
*  Enjoy cooking Chinese and Italians
* Speak English and Spinach

CV Advice

More than 2 pages

Mistake done by those with a lot of experience but also quite often by graduates! Most of the time rich experience is going to work in your favour. A few words of advice: mention your most recent employment, for your old experiences create a separate section. We call it Career Summary, and that’s the place where all your old experience should go (don’t mistake it with “Work Experience” Section where you add your most recent roles.) And if you think that something on your CV is not necessarily relevant to the role you’re applying for, consider not adding it to your CV. Employers are busy, they have time only to skim through your application, if they won’t catch the most important key words and responsibilities within the first few glances, then …. That’s right: shredder.

CV Advice

Not making use of Interests section

Ok, the aim of this section is to reveal a little bit about yourself. It’s good to be original. Unfortunately, some try to be… too original. Put yourself in employers shoes for a second. Imagine that you’re going through CVs and you quite like the content and then you reach the Interests section where you see…

* Gossiping
* Mushroom hunting
* Marital Arts (Possibly meant martial arts)
* Space Travel

What we suggest is to mention 4 hobbies, each relating to different spheres of your life. We divide them into 4 categories:
Individual – hobbies which you enjoy on your own, showing that you easily engage in activities on your own initiative
Social – the ones that shows you are a good player
Intellectual – to show the employer how clever you are
Active – to show that you are a healthy individual leading a healthy lifestyle

These are the most common CV mistakes. We hope you will find it a useful lesson but if you want to know more… don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll write a CV for you for free!