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Jobchange takes part in #RaceforLife

IMG_3113 IMG_1028 IMG_1026 IMG_1025 Race for Life


On the 8th of June ladies at Jobchange are taking part in the Race of Life to raise awareness and to raise money for research into all 200 types of cancer.

Want to help? You can donate in the charity box placed in our Wolverhampton reception!


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Movember 2014: Week Two

This is the week number two of the Movember Challenge at Jobchange. This year 6 members of our staff decided to join the good cause and spread the word about men’s health with the use of their luxuriant facial hair. Will they manage to keep their impeccable mustaches for the entire month? Will they cope with the increasing admiration of their glorious mustachios? Will they inform the public about the health issues men face? We will find out by the end of the month but now, we prepared a special picture of Rayon, Huw, Gary, Ryan, Sam and Lukasz and their great moustaches:

Movember week 2

Movember week 2

movember week2 -


To make sure we convey the message in an appropriate manner, we haven’t limited ourselves only to donating our upper lips to Movember Charity. We would also like to present you with 2 facts about men’s health:


Each year over 40,000 are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK


The majority of prostate cancers have no symptoms, and it is really only advanced cancers that have spread throughout the prostate (and beyond) that cause urinary symptoms such as:
• Urinary issues (slow flow, hesitancy, frequency, urgency)

• Blood in the urine system

• Reduced ability to get an erection

• Painful ejaculation


Remember MoBros and MoSistas: get involved to spark the conversation about important health problems and donate the charity. You can do it via our team’s website by following the link below:


United we Mo!

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Movember has arrived!

November has just started and that is why we couldn’t say no to yet another great campaign organised by Movember Charity. This year our glorious staff: Ryan, Sam, Gary, Huw, Rayon, Lukasz and Derrick will be spreading the word about men’s health and in particular about:

• Prostate Cancer

• Testicular Cancer

• Mental Health

And they will do that with the use of their luxuriant and impeccable moustaches! The task is to grow a fan-tach-tic facial hair for the entire month. Will they manage to do so?

We will meticulously monitor the growth of their tremendous moustachios which we’ll upload on all our website, Facebook and Twitter!

In the meantime don’t forget to check out our Movember website, you can find the link down below:


That’s where you can support our staff in their hairy journey and donate a pound or two for a great cause.



Movember 2014

Movember 2014


United we Mo!


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Jobchange employee takes part in the Bupa Great North Run!

Jobchange employee runs to support cancer research

Jobchange employee, Ryan, with his medal

On the 15 of September, 2013,  Ryan, Jobchange Wolverhampton employee, participated in the Bupa Great North Run to raise awareness about cancer research.

The Bupa Great North Run is an event started in 1981 in Newcastle where participants are expected to run the distance of 13.1 miles to spread the word and raise money for cancer research. To keep contestants motivated, they are often supported by enthusiastic crowd and encouraged by live music.

This year Ryan was accompanied by 56,000 entrants who despite the rain and adverse weather conditions managed to finish the run. In the picture you can see Ryan with a medal and a free t-shirt which he was given right after he crossed the finish line.

Before the actual run, Ryan managed to raise about £1,000 which was donated to the charity.

A huge congratulations from Jobchange colleges to Ryan, you did great!

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