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101 Career Tips You Can Learn in 3 Seconds

Career Advice Wolverhampton

We have just came across a fantastic article with 101 Career Tips and we could not resist to share it with you. If you implement all 101 suggestions into practice, you will realise how easy and pleasant career development can actually be!

We are presenting you with the first 5 – find the rest of the tips by following the link at the end of the article!

1. A first impression is made in less than 30 seconds.

2. Want to boost your charisma? Focus on energy and optimism.

3. “You’re always an employee, you’re always representing your company, and you’re always representing yourself.”

4. Rule #1 for dealing with bad bosses: It’s okay to question authority.

5. No matter where your stress is coming from, it’s not doing you any good—until you learn how to address it.

Check out all of these super useful tips and techniques!


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Get up to £10 from Jobchange!

The winter is slowly arriving and so is our magical, wintertime offer. Due to massive popularity of our previous “Don’t be crabby” card, we have decided to expand our promotion and as the weather conditions are changing, we’ve replaced the good old crab with a new, fresh and cool… penguin! Well, enough of the introductions, Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to present you with… Penguin Card!
Penguin Jobchange





How does the offer work?

All you have to do is to bring this card for your first appointment. When the advice session finishes, simply show the card at the Reception and let our super friendly Receptionist pass a £5 note straight into your hands.


How is it different from the “Don’t be crabby” card (apart from featuring these astonishing penguins?).

If you decide to take part in the IT workshop on your second appointment you can claim another £5 which brings the total amount to £10! And since it’s cash you can spend it on whatever you want: travel expenses, flowers for your mother, cheeky Nandos or even a selfie stick (According to our independent research, you will afford more than one).

What are the rules? 

There is one: You qualify only if you are our new client or if we haven’t seen you for the last 12 months. That is how we can afford to run this fantastic offer. Not to worry our existing customers, we’re thinking about exciting offers for you as well!

So don’t wait, keep your eyes open and as soon as you notice the card, grab it and dial the number on the card to make an appointment! We can’t wait to see you in Jobchange offices in Wolverhampton, Dudley, Walsall, Telford, Bridgnorth or Shrewsbury.

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What to do when CV isn’t working?

We’ve all been there. After going through hundreds of e-mails, numerous job suggestions, another hundreds of vacancies on Indeed or Monster we finally find it. The perfect job. The salary is right, responsibilities sound like something you want to do and they offer immediate start. It looks amazing, and you want it. Usually the steps are simple. Fill in the short questionnaire, attach your CV, Cover Letter and click… submit.

And that’s when the countdown begins.

From that moment we start to wait and wonder. Will they call us back. Will we see an e-mail in our inbox which doesn’t begin with this frightening (which at some point switches from frightening to annoying) phrase: “Unfortunately, on this occasion your application has been unsuccessful …”

There are obvious things which need to be considered before applying for the job. Experience. Skills. Education. All these need to be worked on constantly if we want to progress. If we want to develop. If we want grow, improve and succeed.

So what do we need to do with skills, education, experiences we have already acquired. When we have the perfect job advert in front of us and we are a click away from submitting our CV.

The CV? Oh yes, let’s have a look at it. Just a quick last look.

• Does it match the job requirements?

• Does it show the most significant responsibilities from past jobs?

• Is it up to date?

• Does it include all the information about you which can enhance your chances for the interview?

• Is it unique and tailored to your personality at the same time selling your best job matching skills and abilities?

All the changes done? Perfect! Don’t waste your time, submit it now! Sometimes, however, nothing comes to your mind, even after you read half of the internet and look at your CV every ten minutes.

If you’ve got enough of altering your CV, employers not responding to your CV, the answer is simple: CV improvement session.

Career Advisors are here to look at your CV, review it and cure it. Distill it. Pull out the best bits, make it stand out and make it noticeable among other 600 CVs sent for that post. Simpy, improve it to make it successful.

If you are tired of the indifference and lack of change, we are ready to help. And we will do it for free!

Among other companies which charge from £50 per CV we are the one which can provide you with professional service and won’t charge you at all. Our tasks is to make sure that our clients get back to work. And that is why you can be sure that we give 200% to make sure your CV looks perfect.

CV preparation service is available on a daily basis in our offices and sites all over Black Country. Simply, access the tabs at the top of the page for contact info or to book yourself in for a CV Improvement session. We can’t wait to boost your CV!





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Our Advisors are on Facebook!

Here at Jobchange we feel that Facebook is a great way to get in touch and keep in touch with clients, both old and new. As well as Jobchange having its own Facebook profile ‘Jobchange’, each of our advisors has their own Facebook account which they use to keep in contact with clients and share jobs, opportunities and tips that they think their clients may find interesting.  Clients can use this page as a way to get in contact with an advisor whether it be to book an appointment, cancel an appointment or even for just some advice and guidance.

To find an advisor on Facebook, simply search their first name followed by Jobchange e.g. Sam Jobchange / Becky Jobchange. Here is an example of what Sam and Becky post on their Jobchange profile.

untitledgfgfgfgf   ssadfd121212


If you use our services, please be sure to like us on Facebook and leave a nice review.

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Money Matters Roadshow in Blakenhall

Join us on the second Money Matters Roadshow event this time taking place in Blakenhall, Wolverhampton. You’ll have a chance to receive inspiring career advice, boost your CV and learn about all the latest courses we have on offer. We’ll also distribute £5 vouchers to every new client who makes an appointment! We can’t wait to see you there!


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Carers need care too!


This week it’s Carers week! This is an annual campaign to increase awareness of caring, highlight the challenges Carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK. This year the main focus is to build care friendly communities and make sure that the Carers receive the support that they need as well. This week throughout the UK both the individuals and organizations are coming together to organize different activities and events with the common objective of drawing attention to how important caring is.

Since 2012 there has been a shortage of carers in the UK which is having an impact on the care of elderly people, and nurses are “too busy” to help elderly patients with basic care. This news is based on a Royal College of Nursing (RCN) report on safe levels of nursing staff for older people’s wards.

So here at Jobchange were doing our bit to heighten employment in this area by encouraging our clients to explore the possibilities of going into caring and advertising vacancies within this field.

Vacancies including;


Care Worker
Radfield Home Care –

£7.20 – £7.70 an hour


Well Being Support Work – Care Plus –


£7.96 an hour



Home Care Workers –Kareplus –


£7.50 – £7.90 an hour



Female Personal Care Assistant-

The Complete Group -Wolverhampton
£80.64 a day









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The best words to use on your CV!

Have you ever wondered what are the best words to use on your CV? Are there any words that make a difference and get the attention of the employer?

CareerBuilder, one of the most visited employment websites in the US, conducted a survey among hiring managers concerning the best and the worst words to use on your CV.

Take a look at the list below and… compare it with your CV!

The worst words to use on your CV:

1. Best of breed
2. Go-getter
3. Think outside of the box
4. Synergy
5. Go-to person
6. Thought leadership
7. Value add
8. Results-driven
9. Team player
10. Bottom-line
11. Hard worker
12. Strategic thinker
13. Dynamic
14. Self-motivate
15. Detail-oriented
16. Proactively
17. Track record

The best words to use on your CV:

1. Achieved
2. Improved
3. Trained/mentored
4. Managed
5. Created
6. Resolved
7. Volunteered
8. Influenced
9. Increased/decreased
10. Ideas
11. Negotiated
12. Launched
13. Revenue/profits
14. Under budget
15. Won

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1000 status updates on our Twitter account!

Celebrate with Jobchange and follow us on Twitter!

Jobchange on Twitter

Jobchange on Twitter


That’s the place on the internet where you can find:

• interesting and exclusive jobs

• useful career tips from the best sources on the internet

• funny pictures to cheer you up while you are job searching

• great quotes from the most inspirational personalities to inspire you and boost your motivation

• information about free courses and free services available at Jobchange

Thank you for all of you who’ve been observing us so far and we encourage everyone else to familiarize with our engaging content.

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Interview tip of the week

Alexander, Jobchange Career Advisor

Alexander, Jobchange Career Advisor


Alex, Career Advisor at Jobchange suggests:

“Always have a positive attitude and a positive mindset”

Do you want to know why is it important to stay positive and make sure you go on an interview with the right attitude? Drop us a line on Facebook, book yourself in for Interview Techniques session and get answer to all your questions!

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Jobchange Interview Tip of the week!

Jobchange Interview Techniques

Learn about Interview Techniques at Jobchange


This week’s interview tip comes from our Career Advisor, Rayon. And he says:

“Make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before an interview”

If you want to know why and what to do for 30 minutes before the actual interview starts – book yourself in for a professional interview techniques session! Just drop us a line!

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