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Health & Safety in Construction Training Course

On Thursday 23rd July 2015,  we are running a Health and Safety in Construction course. The training’s objective is to make you be able to identify hazards and control risks and explain how to plan, organise, control, monitor and review health and safety throughout the life of a project.

It is aimed at everybody involved in construction work, including clients, designers, contractors and individual workers.

This course is really worth your while if you are planning on being in this industry long term because by gaining the H&S in construction it enables individuals to apply for a 5 year CSCS card rather than a 6 month card. This course as well as all our other courses on offer at Jobchange is open to anyone 18+ and is completely free of charge.


What job can I do with a CSCS card?                    

Anything in construction from Site Worker to Office Clerk

Drivers who deliver to building sites – EG: Carvers



Landscape Gardeners                                                                  iojklok

Council Street Cleaners

Factory Workers

Foundry Workers

Warehouse Workers

Painters & Decorators

NVQ assessors of any of the above 

CSCS Cards are very useful to have under your belt and are high in demand so if you want to book yourself onto this course or know someone who may be interested please get in touch with us as soon as possible.


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CSCS Card Course now in Dudley!


Get a CSCS Card in Dudley!

Jobchange is expanding and we always try to satisfy the demands of the local communities. that is why, due to popular demand the CSCS Card training will be available not only in Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury and Telford but also in Dudley!

To book yourself in for an induction in Dudley, please ring:

01324 257 825 

To book yourself in for an induction in Wolverhampton, Telford or Shrewsbury, please ring:

01902 714 224 

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40 jobs of the future!

We have just received a great newsletter from National Careers Service and one of the information we found concerned…. Jobs of the future! That is why we would like to share with you this interesting piece of information – let’s see which jobs will be the most desirable and see what the future holds.

Still considering getting a CSCS Card?

Jobs in Construction Industry seem familiar… Don’t wait to get your CSCS Card…

Let us know what are you predictions on our Facebook fanpage or leave your creative responses below!

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Get a CSCS Card in Wolverhampton, Telford or Shrewsbury!

Now CSCS Card training provided by Jobchange takes place in Wolverhampton, Telford and Shrewsbury!

If you are thinking of getting a job as a Labourer, Carpenter, Industrial Cleaner or Plumber (just to mention a few) but do not have necessary qualifications, Jobchange is here to help. Simply, drop us a line on Facebook, use Book yourself in section on this website or ring 01902 714 224 to secure your spot for the training in Wolverhampton, Telford or Shrewsbury and increase your chances to get a job in the Construction industry. 

CSCS Wolverhampton CSCS Shrewsbury CSCS Telford CSCS Walsall CSCS Dudley CSCS Bridgnorth


You can also attend an induction to the course in Dudley, Walsall or Bridgnorth and then continue the CSCS course in Wolverhampton, Telford or Shrewsbury.

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Thinking about self-employment? Check out these useful guides from HMRC!

HMRC e-course

Free e-courses available on HMRC website!

There are many things to consider before starting your own business. What’s most important: you need to be confident that you are ready both financially and emotionally. However, apart from that there is also quite a few new things which you need to learn to make sure your new business runs like clockwork.

That is where online HMRC guides come in handy. You do not need to leave your house or your office – as long as you have access to internet you can access these helpful guides everywhere you want. And what’s really great – they are free!

Let us introduce you to some of the most interesting guides available on HMRC website:

STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS if you have questions about tax, expenses, business records or National Insurance – this course can be very useful.

BECOMING AN EMPLOYER – interesting guide which tells you how to register with HMRC, explains taking on staff, your payroll responsibilities or how to work out employee’s tax and National insurance, just to mention a few!

UKTI (EXPORT – VAT) – everything you need to know when you start to export. How much is export duty and VAT, information about EORI, Commodity Code and CPC. You can also find answers to some interesting questions, for example: what is Export Preference or which record should you keep and how long for.

UKTI (VAT – EU TRADING) – if you think about selling goods or supplying services to other EU countries this e-course is for you. It easily explains Sales to VAT or non-VAT EU customers and VAT returns. You can also learn about general rules to supplying services to other EU countries and find out what is an EC Sales List or Intrastat.

Moreover, you can also learn about starting your own business in specific sectors, for example in CONSTRUCTION or HAIR AND BEAUTY industries.


If you feel that the above mentioned e-courses did not answer all of your questions now you can join a live Webinar (Online Seminar) and ask some questions during a live conference with HMRC Advisor! There are several webinars to choose from, for the full list – CLICK HERE.

There is much more useful and valuable information to be found on HMRC website and it includes TAX FACT HELP SHEETS (A series of easy to understand factsheets covering the issues that small and medium size businesses need know about) or record keeping APPS (some of them are FREE to use!)

Find some more information by following this link: HELP AND SUPPORT FOR BUSINESS or on HMRC YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Good luck with your new business!

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Changes to CSCS CSO Card Scheme

Changes are just about to be introduced as from the 1st of July the Construction Site Operative card will be discontinued and it will be replaced by a new green CSCS card which will be available only for people working in construction labouring occupations. 

CSO Card to be discontinued


You can find more information about the changes on the official CSCC website. Follow the link to find out more about the changes to CSCS card scheme:

If you want to book yourself in for a CSCS card course before the changes are being introduced, give us a ring on 01902 714 224 or drop us a line on Facebook to secure your seat on the course.



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Are Construction Jobs Wolverhampton’s future?

Green Construction Jobchange CSCS

Green Construction – Future of Wolverhampton citizens?

Construction is one of the fastest developing sectors in the UK. Even though the government have already invested in that sector nearly £83 million of funding, the next 5 years seem to be even more prosperous. The most recent plan aims to invest nearly £150 million into the construction sector over the next 5 years.

There are some simple answers why this sector in particular can be described as one of the most prospective.

– £90 billion is being contributed to the UK economy thanks to the construction sector (which is nearly 7% of the total!)

– Just the insulation sector is expected to create around 60,000 new jobs by 2015

– Approximately 10% of all jobs on the market belong to the construction industry

– Which means that currently there are 2.9 million people employed in this sector

– Currently Global Construction output is worth $8.5 trillions. By 2025 it forecasts to increase by 40% to bring the total number to $12 trillions.

– UK’s green construction sector is currently the 6th biggest in the world.
It is not hard to guess that the biggest impact will be caused by all new regulations regarding green construction and ecology. For example, greenhouse gas emissions are expected to drop by 50 per cent by 2025, therefore, all buildings in the UK will have to adjust to low carbon economy.

There are many institutions which offer trainings and qualifications that help to find employment in construction. Many of them, however, are expensive, hence, not affordable for everyone. The best solution turns out to be government funded organisations such as Jobchange, which offer proven trainings and courses at no cost. CSCS cards, necessary to work at any construction site, are being issued for free and the exam does not cost anything neither. Besides, is there a better way to get this prospective job in governmental sector than through an organisation owned by the government?

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Finish CSCS course in…. 3 days?

photo 12

Many of our clients are concerned about the duration of the CSCS course. Well, for all of you who are worried about the course taking too much time, we have got great news: CSCS course at Jobchange consists of only 3 sessions which usually are being taken over one week and they last only 3 hours each. We know how precious your time is, that is why we organised classes in the way they could be available for everyone. Sessions are being run either in the mornings or late evenings, just to suit different lifestyles. If you do not feel ready after the 3 meetings with one of our skilled advisers, we will be more than happy to let you practice in our office as long as you require. Then, when you are trained and ready, we let you choose the best possible time and location where you could pass the CSCS test. Once the test is passed, all you have to do is wait for your card to be sent from the Construction Industry Training Board, which usually takes from 4 to 6 weeks. But not to worry, if your employer needs to see your card as soon as possible, Jobchange staff can produce a letter stating that the card is in the process of being issued and will be delivered as soon as it is possible.

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