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We are slowly reaching the middle of the National Careers Week and you may have probably noticed increased traffic on our social media channels. For all of you awaiting our daily posts about the #Careersofthefuture, we prepared a little surprise as today we are publishing all the graphics prepared by UKCES concerning the most interesting career choices. Have a look below, they are all there!

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Are Construction Jobs Wolverhampton’s future?

Green Construction Jobchange CSCS

Green Construction – Future of Wolverhampton citizens?

Construction is one of the fastest developing sectors in the UK. Even though the government have already invested in that sector nearly £83 million of funding, the next 5 years seem to be even more prosperous. The most recent plan aims to invest nearly £150 million into the construction sector over the next 5 years.

There are some simple answers why this sector in particular can be described as one of the most prospective.

– £90 billion is being contributed to the UK economy thanks to the construction sector (which is nearly 7% of the total!)

– Just the insulation sector is expected to create around 60,000 new jobs by 2015

– Approximately 10% of all jobs on the market belong to the construction industry

– Which means that currently there are 2.9 million people employed in this sector

– Currently Global Construction output is worth $8.5 trillions. By 2025 it forecasts to increase by 40% to bring the total number to $12 trillions.

– UK’s green construction sector is currently the 6th biggest in the world.
It is not hard to guess that the biggest impact will be caused by all new regulations regarding green construction and ecology. For example, greenhouse gas emissions are expected to drop by 50 per cent by 2025, therefore, all buildings in the UK will have to adjust to low carbon economy.

There are many institutions which offer trainings and qualifications that help to find employment in construction. Many of them, however, are expensive, hence, not affordable for everyone. The best solution turns out to be government funded organisations such as Jobchange, which offer proven trainings and courses at no cost. CSCS cards, necessary to work at any construction site, are being issued for free and the exam does not cost anything neither. Besides, is there a better way to get this prospective job in governmental sector than through an organisation owned by the government?

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