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Wolverhampton Learning Platform wins new funding!

Wolverhampton Learning Platform

After weeks of waiting we have finally received the news. And boy, it is a big news. Wolverhampton Learning Platform has just been awarded a funding from the Skills & Opportunities Fund!

We feel extremely proud as an organisation selected by the public from over 2,400 applications! Only 8 organisations have been selected from the West Midlands region and only 1…. from Wolverhampton. We would like to use this space to thank every member of the public who appreciated the support provided by Jobchange and other organisations which form the Wolverhampton Learning Platform. Without your votes it would not be possible.

So now you probably wonder, what will the funding be spent on?

Through support from the fund we’ll run our project WISER (Women into Supported Employment Routes)which will provide employability and enterprise training for women who are lone parents, disabled or long term unemployed.

Our project aims to improve the lives of 100 women from excluded or disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them gain new employability skills and supporting their route to securing work or becoming self-employed. Project activities include 1:1 mentoring sessions, a range of workshops and a sector specific Level 2 accredited training course covering first aid, food hygiene and health and safety.

The skills and confidence gained from participating in this project will help the women taking part to realise their potential and improve their employment prospects. Our aim throughout is to improve opportunities in the labour market, improve financial health, increase skills, reduce social isolation and reduce benefit dependency resulting in improved health and wellbeing.

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